Sloping Sun Room With Fixed White Translucent Panels

Model 8200

This sturdy covering is the perfect, durable solution for sun lovers without the harsh impact of the sun. Although the translucent, PVC panel-ceiling has high light transmittance, it filters just the right amount of sun with 99.8% UV resistance. Our Sun Room model can be attached any exterior wall of your home, with adjustable height and distance (from column to wall), you can create a whole new living space. Move your breakfast table outdoors or add this feature to your backyard for a tropical, open-air ‘green-room’ effect  and fill with your favourite plants.

Key Features

Stable and Beautiful.

Heavy duty white and bronze painted aluminum frame.

High strength white translucent polycarbonate sheets.

High light transmittance.

Height and position of support column are adjustable.

Built in water outlet.

Easy to maintain.

Simple DIY assembly.

Available Sizes (L x W x H)

13′ x 33.5′ x 10′

Max Size 11′ x 18′ x 7.25′

Min Size 11′ x 14′ x 6′

Wall Height (can be adjusted) 10′ / 13′

Front bar height adjustable from 78” to 86”

Fixed rear bar height adjustable from 98” to 106” on 350cm model and from 98” to 118” on the 400cm model

Distance between front support column and wall on 350cm model is 102” to 110” and on the 400cm model it is 122” to 145”