Rigid Luxury Vinyl Panels

Compared to Standard Vinyl Planks which can bend or warp, our ULTRAFLOOR Rigid Luxury Vinyl Planks have a much stronger core so that they are more stable and remain flat on the ground without any warping or deformation.

 100% Waterproof.
 Termite Proof.
 50% Denser, 10 times more indentation resistant and 3 times more resistant to heavy foot traffic than Standard Luxury Vinyl flooring.
 More stable and has a better resistance to high temperatures.
 Can install over most existing sub-floors (Ceramic, Concrete or Wood).
 They don’t contain plasticizers which causes Standard Luxury Vinyl to become easily warped.
 Rigid Luxury Vinyl has >50% Limestone making the core much stronger and rigid, compared to  Standard Luxury Vinyl which has been found to be brittle.
 Suitable for residential and moderate commercial applications.